Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decoding the Best Kept Facebook Secret

Disclaimer: All the contents included in this post are meant only for fun. By reading on further you are actually agreeing to take the content of this post in lighter vein. Go on..

Decoding the new 'FB Status Symbol' of Girls

You belong to either of these two categories

1. The 'Unfortunate Category' - People who post intellectually stimulating posts and pictures in FB after hours of deep thinking and subsequently got hurt after seeing the pathetic number of likes they get and deeply frustrated by the feminist ideals prevailing in Facebook and still hold on to their memberships just for the sake of it - also called as Boys

2. The "Fortunate Category' - People who never ever had the chance to experience the above unpleasantries of the Unfortunate Category and are blessed with innumerable likes just for honoring FB with their membership, posts and profile pictures- also called as Girls

Is Facebook actually a feministic world in itself created just for encouraging girls whatever things they do online ? or we Boys lack any insights which girls are able to learn just by their power of Intuition? After hours of depression , I actually dared to look beyond the horizons of our assumptions and long held beliefs. 

In true MBA Style, we are now going to decode the new FB Status Symbol of Girls. Wondering what? Yes, we are speaking about the secret war going on between girls on who is getting the maximum likes for their profile pictures. On observing the Online Activity of many Girls in our Friends list who are getting more than 100 likes for their profile pictures 'just like that' that too within a span of few hours after posting their pics, I came up with 8 insights on how they could do that.

1. They know the power of SLR - They successfully managed to harness the power of SLR cameras. Armed with the power of an expensive lens and superior mega pixels, SLR cameras never failed to spit out the spectacular version of you and that is exactly why they are priced so high. Our research indicates that many times the photographer in this particular scenario is a Boy who is trying to achieve Transcendence, the highest point in the Maslows New Hierarchy of Needs just by taking those beautiful pictures of her.

2. They know the power of Picassa - If they can't get what they need, they don't crib like Boys, they quickly find alternatives. If they are not getting an SLR, they just order Picassa to be at their service. This simple and effective creation by Google is ringing the death bells for Adobe Photoshop by placing the power of image editing in the hands of amateurs. They just upload their picture taken in their mobiles into this software and do various permutations and combinations of features like Glow, Ortonify, Holgaish, Cross Process, Dual Tone, etc and Voila they got their New Me.

3. They know the power of Timing - Men dominate the profession of marketing worldwide. Many of the most innovative products have failed miserably just because of the fact that they had poor sense of timing the market. Every now and then we have observed that these profile pictures are uploaded during prime times in Facebook or from evening 7 pm to night 1 am. Yes, if the number of likes are going to be directly proportional to the number of users online at that time, why waste that opportunity and they are doing just that intuitively. Girls make better marketers..Proved beyond doubt..

4. They know the Power of Tagging - These successful girls never forget to tag those people in pictures and sometimes the photographer who is not even in the pic by something like this - 'Thanks to xxxxxxx for the beautiful pic, can't resist uploading' . More often than not , this is how they indirectly initiate the comments for their profile pictures and If you think it's not worthy to emulate, you are actually missing the way Facebook algorithm functions. Don't panic..Read on further.

5. They know the Power of Engaging in a Conversation- ' Hi di chellam, epdi kirukke' - 'I am good here di, then howz life'- 'I am doing fine, why don't you come to trichy'..... These are not excerpts from the chat , but the actual conversation happening in the comments section of the profile picture, they just now uploaded. Yes, they know that FB has a chat option , but they also know that the number of comments increase the Edge Rank of your post and in turn increases the duration of the time your post highlighted in the newsfeed. Yes, they can fool the complex Facebook Edge Rank algorithm just like that.

6. They know the power of Friends - What we actually meant here is that the number of friends they have in their friend list. Our primary research indicated that many of these successful girls had more than 500 friends in their friends list. Yes, they know how to recollect that friend's name who studied along with them in Pre.K.G, put efforts in finding their profile in FB, befriending them and be in touch with them effortlessly. One of the benefits of having this wider social circle stems from the fact that more the number of friends, more the number of likes. Off late we have seen that they also started exploring the power of 'Subscribe' Option in FB whereby they can allow people to subscribe and like their pictures without befriending them.

7. They know the Power of Likes- Do you know what is so interesting in the demographic profile of those persons who like the profile pictures? Very surprisingly we found that more than 40% of the likes come from Girls and sometimes this proportion increases more than 50% also. Yes, they understood the simple fact- if you want to be more likable  put more likes and they never shied away from liking the pictures of their counterparts, unlike the Boys or the Unfortunate category. We boys never are intrinsically motivated to like another boys picture. Blame it on our evolution, but understand that we are seriously lagging behind.. Unity is our Strength guys..come on..Don't shy away..Encourage your counterparts..

8. They know the power of Reinforcement - You are most likely to see these successful girls changing their profile picture suddenly to one of their old profile pictures instead of uploading a new one. Just be aware that, they are harnessing the power of reinforcement. If they fall short of likes in the initial upload, they never quit trying. They actually put that picture in hibernation for sometime and suddenly change their profile picture to that old one and the same old vicious cycle of timing, tagging, conversation, likes, continues. Like a portfolio manager who wishes all the stocks in his portfolio to perform exceedingly well, they want all the profile pictures in their album of profile pictures to perform exceedingly well and that is one of the secrets of their success.

Like all successful people in various walks of life, we found that many of these successful girls are not even consciously aware of all these successful habits, it comes naturally for them. 

Don't you find these tips worth emulating..

Follow these habits..

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Ramesh Moorthy